Look at Whose Coming to the 2017 Guy Family Reunion, from what State and what Generation.

( ) Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of William Alfred Guy   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Ruben Guy   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams (3rd)

( )  Descendants Longstreet Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Henry Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Fleming Guy   (2nd)

We Had 326 Family Members From  15 Different States Who Paid To Attend The 2017 Guy Family Reunion.
This Is How It Breaks Down:

*ARKANSAS*   (6 Family Members) 
  1. Angela Everett-Ballard   West Memphis, AR.   (6th)   (Large)
  2. Betty Guy-Witherspoon   Marion, AR.   (6th)   (Medium)
  3. Chester Witherspoon   Marion, AR.   (6th)   (Large)
  4. Doyle Michael Ballard Jr.   West Memphis, AR.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  5. Faye Howard   West Memphis, AR.   (5th)   (Large)
  6. Sylestine Howard-Mack   Proctor, AR.   (5th)   (X-Large)

*CALIFORNIA*   (10 Family Members) 
  1. Adinah Imani Bolden   Harbor City, CA.   (7th)   (Small)
  2. Annett Guy-Johnson   Carson, CA.   (6th)   (Medium)
  3. Darrell Waterford   San Diego, CA.   (6th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  4. Ebone' Johnson   Carson, CA.   (7th)   (Large) & (X-Large)
  5. Heyman Matlock Jr.   Sacramento CA.   (5th)   (Large)    *1st Time Coming*
  6. John Henry Guy Jr.   Oceanside, CA.   (6th)   (2-X)
  7. Latosha Renee Guy   Gardena, CA.   (7th)   (Large)
  8. Lena Guy   San Jose, CA.   (6th)   (Medium)
  9. Lorraine Guy-Bolden   Harbor City, CA.   (6th)   (Medium)
  10. Rose Hill-Guy   Oceanside, CA.   (6th)   (2-X)

*FLORIDA*   (1 Family Member)
  1. Winston Guy   Orlando, FL.   (6th)   (Medium)

*GEORGIA*   (10 Family Members)
  1. Ashley Janay Guy   Locust Grove, GA.   (7th)   (Medium)
  2. Britney Nicole Guy   Locust Grove, GA.   (7th)   (Medium)
  3. Chris Fergusion   Atlanta, GA.   (7th)   (3-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  4. Gregory Guy   Locust Grove, GA.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  5. Joseph Mario Ivy V   Pine Lake, GA.   (9th)   (Youth-Small)   *1st Time Coming* 
  6. Justice Fergusion Atlanta, GA.   (7th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  7. Marian Denice Damron-Guy   Locust Grove, GA.   (6th)   (Large)
  8. Odis   Fergusion   Atlanta, GA.   (6th)   (3-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  9. Rhonda Guy-Fergusion   Atlanta, GA.   (6th)   (X-Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  10. Roy Copening Jr.   Dallas, GA.   (6th)   3-X   *1st Time Coming*

*ILLINOIS*   (59 Family Members)
  1. Aja Robinzine   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  2. Anjali Chavda   Broadview, IL.   (7th)   (Youth-Large)
  3. Annie Cross   University Park, IL.   (5th)   (Medium)
  4. Anthony Lovlace   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Medium)
  5. Aubrey Lee Guy Sr.   Chicago, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  6. Bornetta Newson   Chicago, IL.   (6th)   (???)
  7. Briana Cobb   Chicago, IL.   (7th)   (Medium)
  8. Candra Falls-Chavda   Broadview, IL.   (6th)   (Small)
  9. Carolyn Cross-Ross   Westmont, IL.   (6th)   (2-X)
  10. Carolyn Harvey-Robinson   Riverdale, IL.   (6th)   (Large)
  11. Celina Robinson    Oak Park, IL.   (6th)   (Medium)
  12. Cencere Jackson   Chicago, IL.   (8th)   (Youth-X-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  13. Centrell Jackson   Chicago, IL.   (7th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  14. Chase Nolan   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Youth-X-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  15. Charles E. Guy Sr.   Matteson, IL.   (6th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  16. Curtis Dean Jr.   Chicago, IL.   (7th)   (Small)
  17. Curtis Dean Sr.   Chicago IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  18. Cynthia Page-Robinson   Naperville, IL.   (6th) (Medium)
  19. Cynthia Kirk-Walker   Dolton, IL.   (6th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  20. Dawn Guy   Aurora, IL.   (7th)   (Large)
  21. Derrick Cooper   Chicago, IL.   (6th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  22. Edna Ruth Guy-Johnson   Chicago, IL. (5th) (Large)
  23. Emma Guy-Robinson   Chicago, IL.   (5th)   (Large)
  24. Eulah Howard-Dean   Chicago, IL.   (5th)   (2-X)
  25. Everett Evans   Oak Park, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  26. Forrest James Robinson   Naperville, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  27. Frank McGee   Oak Park, IL.   (5th)   (Large)
  28. Fredonia Howard-Falls   Bellwood, IL.   (5th)   (Medium)  
  29. Jamie Conner   Chicago, IL.   (7th)   (Medium)
  30. Gertrude Preyar-Kirk   Chicago, IL.   (5th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  31. Jeffery Quinn   Riverdale, IL.   ()   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  32. Jeffrey Ross Sr.   Westmont, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  33. Joan Cross   University Park, IL.   (6th)   (Large)
  34. Joell Cross   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Youth-X-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  35. John Robinzine   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  36. Kayla Dean   Chicago, IL.   (7th)   (Youth-X-Large)
  37. LaShon Walker   Dolton, IL.   (7th)   (Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  38. Lauren Robinson   Riverdale, IL.   (7th)   (Small)
  39. Lawrence James   Carbondale, IL.   (5th)   (4-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  40. LeAnna Smith   Chicago, IL.   (8th)   (???)
  41. Lenora Kirk-Cooper   Chicago, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  42. Levartis Smith   Chicago, IL.   (7th)   (???)
  43. Loni Cross   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Youth-X-Large)
  44. Lonzell Cross   University Park, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  45. Louis Walker   Dolton, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  46. Marva Guy Matteson, IL.   (6th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  47. Mary Hayden-James   Carbondale, IL.   (5th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  48. Michael Anthony Robinson   Riverdale, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  49. Patricia Howard McGee   Oak Park, IL.   (5th)   (Medium)
  50. Phillip Holden   Carbondale, IL.   ()   (4-X)
  51. Rita Bolden   Chicago, IL.   (6th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  52. Shaqira Cato   University Park, IL.   (7th)   (Medium)
  53. Taylor Burrell Robinson Jr.   Oak Park, IL.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  54. Taylor Burrell Robinson Sr.   Chicago, IL.   (5th)   (Large)
  55. Tonia Dortch   Chicago, IL.   (6th)   (2-X)
  56. Vickie Wimberly   Carbondale, IL.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  57. Vikas Chavda   Broadview, IL.   (7th)   (Medium)
  58. Vinay Chavda   Broadview, IL.   (7th)   (Youth-Medium)
  59. Willis Falls   Bellwood, IL.   (5th)   (Large)

*INDIANA*   (7 Family Members)
  1. Donna Howard-Evans   Indianapolis, IN.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  2. Kanisha Davis   Indianapolis, IN.   ()   (???)
  3. Latasha Alexander-Guy   Indianapolis, IN.   (6th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  4. Lisa L. Smith   Gary, IN.   (6th)   (Large)
  5. Malia Guy   Indianapolis, IN.   (7th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  6. Phillip Guy   Indianapolis, IN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  7. Risa A. Smith   Gary, IN.   (6th)   (Large)

*MARYLAND*   (3 Family Members)
  1. Bertha Guy-Morgan   Mitchelville, MD.   (5th)   (Small)
  2. Carolyn Morgan-Baker   Mitchelville, MD.   (6th)   (2-X)
  3. Janelle Guy   Towson, MD.   (6th)   (Small)

*MICHIGAN*   (6 Family Members)
  1. Eugene Myles   Canton, MI.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  2. Lorine Guy-Myles   Canton, MI.   (6th)   (Medium)
  3. Louis Liggins   Springfield, MI.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  4. Joyce Hubbard   Battle Creek, MI.   ()   (X-Large)
  5. Richinda Moore   Detroit, MI.   ()   (???)
  6. Rose M. Liggins   Springfield, MI.   (5th)   (Large)

*MISSISSIPPI*   (21 Family Members)
  1. Alecia Leake-Ivy   Southaven, MS.   (7th)   (Large)
  2. Alphonso Guy   Olive Branch, MS.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  3. Barron Young   Byhalia, MS.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  4. Brittney Malone   Byhalia, MS.   (???)   (Medium)
  5. Carolyn Guy   Olive Branch, MS.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  6. D'Anna Young   Byhalia, MS.   (7th)   (Large)
  7. Daniel Liggins   Byhalia, MS.   (5th)   (2-X)
  8. Dantell Liggins   Byhalia, MS.   (6th)   (Medium)
  9. Delonne Liggins   Byhalia, MS.   (6th)   (Medium)
  10. Demetra Street-Liggins   Byhalia, MS.   (5th)   (Medium)
  11. Frankie Guy-Leake   Southaven, MS.   (6th)   (Large)
  12. Fred Lewis Guy Jr.   Southaven, MS.   (5th)   (3-X)
  13. Geraldine Patton   Hernando, MS.   (2-X)
  14. Gertrude Guy-Bridgeforth   Southaven, MS.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  15. Hayward Leake Jr.   Southaven, MS.   (6th)   (Large)
  16. Joseph Mario Ivy IV   Southaven, MS.   (8th)   (3-X)
  17. Loretha Guy-Cole   Byhalia, MS.   (6th)   (Large)
  18. Mark Anthony Guy   Olive Branch, MS.   (5th)   (Medium)
  19. Mary Roberson-Guy   Byhalia, MS.   (5th)   (2-X)
  20. Quintin Malone   Byhalia, MS.   (???)   (2-x)
  21. Willie Ruth (Kit) Liggins-Young   Byhalia, MS.   (5th)   (2-X)

*OHIO*   (2 Family Members)
  1. Selene Carpenter   Columbus, OH.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  2. Sheila Carpenter   Dublin, OH.   (6th)   (X-Large)

*TENNESSEE*   (158 Family Members)
  1. Albert James Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  2. Alette Howard-Davis   Nashville, TN.   (6th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  3. Allie Bell Harmon-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (4th)   (Large)
  4. Alou Howard    Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Small)
  5. Amira Floyd   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  6. Anderson Frank Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Medium)
  7. Andre Floyd   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  8. Anedra Smith   Memphis, TN.   ()   (Large)
  9. Angela Leake-Amos   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  10. Angelica Howard   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Medium)
  11. Annie Guy-Holloway   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Large)
  12. Annie Mary Cross-Langdon   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  13. Annie Pearl Russell-Payne   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  14. Arnell Preyar   Clarksville, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  15. Aubrey Howard    Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Medium)
  16. Auvario Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Medium)
  17. Barbara Everett   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (3-X)
  18. Barbara Cathy Jones   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  19. Bernice Kimble   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  20. Betty Childes-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  21. Billy J.Wilkins Jr.   Trenton, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Mediun)
  22. Bridgette Cobb   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  23. Burnie Jean Cross-Blunt   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  24. Calvin Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (3-X)
  25. Calvin Richardson Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (2-X)
  26. Carlicia Standback   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  27. Cemetria Everett   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  28. Charles Edward Guy   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  29. Cierra Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Small)
  30. Cynthia Saulsberry-Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  31. Claudius Lester Jr.   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Medium)
  32. Da'Maya Sade Little   Memphis, TN.   (9th)   (Youth-X-Small)
  33. Darin Key Leake Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-XX)
  34. Darin Key Leake III   Memphis, TN.   (9th)   (Youth- X-Small)
  35. Darlene Guy   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  36. Darnisha Guy  Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (???)
  37. Davaris Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  38. Davella Floyd   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (3-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  39. Davenetta Russell   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  40. DeAngelo Little   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Large)
  41. Debbie Russell-Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  42. Delores Johnson   Memphis, TN.   ()   (Large)
  43. Desmond Jamal Leake   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Large)
  44. Devin Young   Memphis, TN.   ()   (???)
  45. Dionne Williams   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  46. Dominique Jabari Leake   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  47. Earl Redmond Johnson Jr.   Memphis, TN.   ()   (Large)
  48. Edan Everett   Memphis,Tn.   (7th)   (Large)
  49. Edna Williams-Everett   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  50. Eleanor Ruth Russell-Belfour   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (4-X)
  51. Elias Guy Jr.   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  52. Elias Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Large)
  53. Elias Guy III   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  54. Elvira Russell-Richardson   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (2-X)
  55. Esther Marie Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Medium)
  56. Florence Guy  Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  57. Florence D. Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  58. Florence Thomas   Memphis, TN.   ()   (Large)
  59. Frankie Guy-Faulkner   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  60. Garner Guy-Lester   Cordova, TN.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  61. Georgia Cooper   Memphis, TN.   ()   (Large)
  62. Gertrude Guy-Lee   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  63. Gertrude Matlock  Memphis, TN.   (4th)   (Medium)
  64. Gladys Cross-Clark   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  65. Glenn Wayne Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (5-X)
  66. Heyman Matlock Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (4th)   (Large)
  67. Ira Kimble   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  68. Jacquez Wilkins   Trenton, TN.   (8th)   (Mediun)
  69. Jada Guy   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  70. Jada Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (???)
  71. Jada Wilkins   Trenton, TN.   (8th)   (Small)
  72. Jakayla Jones   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  73. Jamarvelous Jones   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (X-Large)
  74. Jamya Jones   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (X-Large)
  75. Jasmine Falls   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  76. Jasmine Love   Trenton, TN.   (8th)   (Mediun)
  77. Jayla Bullard   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  78. Jaylon Johnson   Memphis, TN.   ()   (???)
  79. Jerica Falls   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  80. John Henry Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (3-X)
  81. John Henry Guy   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  82. Joseph Davis   Nashville, TN.   (7th)   (Youth-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  83. Joshua Davis   Nashville, TN.   (7th)   (Youth-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  84. Judy Deloris Kimble-Gaston   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (5-X)
  85. Julia Davis   Nashville, TN.   (7th)   (Youth-Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  86. Kamilah Denise Gaston   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (3-X)
  87. Karlos Bullard   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  88. Karmyn Aniyah Leake   Memphis, TN.   (9th)   (Youth-Small)
  89. Kassidy Ann Gipson   Memphis, TN.   (9th)   (Youth-X-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  90. Katelyn Shaw   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  91. Katherine Harris-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  92. Katherine Saulsberry-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (Large)   (6th)
  93. Kerrie Wilson   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Small)
  94. Kimberly Saulsberry-Wilkins   Trenton, TN.   (7th)   (Mediun)
  95. Latanya Thigpen-Bullard   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  96. Leviticus Pointer   Collierville, TN.   (6th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  97. Lillian Jones-Guy   Memphis. TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  98. Liz Harden   Memphis, TN.   ()   (???)
  99. London Bradford   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Small)
  100. Louise Guy-Jones   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  101. Lucille Lester   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Medium)
  102. Maddison Parson   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Youth XX-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  103. Malcolm Bullard   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  104. Marchant Davis   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (X-Large)
  105. Margaret Matlock-Burgess  Memphis, TN.   (4th)   (2-X)
  106. Mark Bishop   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  107. Marley Parson   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Youth XX-Small)   *1st Time Coming*
  108. Martha Kimble   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (3-X)
  109. Martavious Jenkins   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  110. Martisha Jenkins   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Medium)
  111. Mary Lee-Leonard   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X)
  112. Maxcine Smith-Miller   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (3-X)
  113. Melvin Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Large)
  114. Michael Strayhorn   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (3-X)
  115. Michele Collins-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  116. Morgan Elyse Guy   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  117. Mose Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Large)
  118. Mya Howard    Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-Small)
  119. My'Kayla Evans   Ripley, TN.   (7th)   (3-X)
  120. Norris Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  121. Pamela Strayhorn   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  122. Paris Elyse Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Youth X-Small)
  123. Patricia Bolden-Stapinski   Ripley, TN.   (5th)   (X-Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  124. Phil Fleming   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  125. Phillip Fleming   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  126. Piersten Foxx   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (3-X)
  127. R.D. Miller   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X)
  128. Raquel Miller   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (X-Large)
  129. Ravin Maclin   Memphis, TN.   (9th)   (Youth X-Small)
  130. Regina Johnson-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Medium)
  131. Robert Henry Guy Jr.   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  132. Robert Henry Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  133. Ronald Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  134. Rosie Guy-Verner   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  135. Sevaris Johnson   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  136. Sharon Parks   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (???)
  137. Sheila Guy-Ross   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (4-X)
  138. Shirley Thornton-Parks   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (???)
  139. Stefan Amos   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Large)
  140. Stephanie Doyle-Fleming   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (3-X)
  141. Sylvia Cobb-Leake   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  142. Taleesa Sharp   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Medium)
  143. Tamaryae Slaughter   Memphis, TN.   (7th) (Small)
  144. Tavion Hampton   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Youth-Medium)
  145. Terrica Jordan   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  146. Tess Renee Guy   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  147. Thomas Wilson   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  148. Tina Brown   Memphis, TN.   ()   (Large)
  149. Tina Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Small)
  150. Tony Brown   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (???)   *1st Time Coming*
  151. Trinty Bell   Memphis, TN.   ()   (???)
  152. Vandail Verner   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  153. Vanessa Thigpen   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Large)
  154. Violet Preyar   Clarksville, TN.   (7th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  155. William Saulsberry   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (Large)
  156. Yolundra Payne   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X)
  157. Yvonne Everett-Bradford   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  158. Zoe King   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Youth-X-Small)   *1st Time Coming*

*TEXAS*   (29 Family Members)
  1. Amber Nicole Chilton   Fort Worth, TX.   (6th)   (Large)
  2. Amira Mack   McKinney, TX.   (7th)   (Youth-Large)
  3. Andres Kadeem Chilton   Grand Praire, TX.   (7th)   (Large)
  4. Andrienne White-Chilton   Fort Worth, TX.   (6th)   (Large)
  5. Brenda Amir Chilton   Grand Prairie, TX.   (6th)   (2-XX)
  6. Chiquita Saulsberry   Arlington, TX.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  7. Deonte' Keyshun Leake   Lewisville, TX.   (9th)   (Youth-Medium)
  8. Dexter Karl Chilton Sr.   Fort Worth, TX.   (6th)   (3-X)
  9. Donald Lynn Chilton Jr.   North Richland Hills, TX.   (7th)   (Large)
  10. Donald Lynn Chilton Sr.   Fort Worth, TX.   (6th)   (2-X)
  11. Emanuale King Sr.   Irving, TX.   (7th)   (X-Large)    *1st Time Coming*
  12. Glenn Oliver Guy   Longview, TX   (6th)   (X-Large)
  13. Gloria Guy   Longview, TX.   (6th)   (3-X)
  14. Katrina King   Irving, TX.   (7th)   (Medium)   *1st Time Coming*
  15. Keelan Rashad Chilton   Fort Worth, TX.   (7th)   (Large)
  16. Keydrick Oliver   Arlington, TX.   (8th)   (Youth-Large)
  17. Keyon Flynn   Arlington, TX.   (8th)   (Youth-X-Large)
  18. Keyonna Flynn   Arlington, TX.   (8th)   (Youth-X-Large)
  19. Keyotia Flynn   Arlington, TX.   (8th)   (Large)
  20. Leonard Earl Chilton Jr.   Grand Prairie, TX.   (6th)   (2-XX)
  21. Malika Mack   McKinney, TX.   (7th)   (Youth-Large)
  22. Mariah L'Rae Chilton   Grand Prairie, TX.   (7th)   (Youth-Large)
  23. Michelle Guerra   Fort Worth, TX.   ()   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  24. Norma Jean Guy-Chilton   Fort Knox, TX.   (5th)   (Large)
  25. Raeshun Stevenson   Fort Worth, TX.   ()   (2-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  26. Raevin Stevenson   Fort Worth, TX.   ()   (Youth-Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  27. Rayan Mack   McKinney, TX.   (7th)   (???)
  28. Robert Mineor   Fort Worth, TX.   ()   (3-X)   *1st Time Coming*
  29. Quenton Crawford   Fort Worth, TX.   ()   (Youth-Medium)   *1st Time Coming*

*VIRGINIA*   (2 Family Members)
  1. Shirl Guy   Dale City, VA.   (7th)   (Large)   *1st Time Coming*
  2. Terry Guy   Virginia Beach, VA.   (6th)   (X-Large)

*WASHINGTON*   (2 Family Members) 
  1. Antuan Kinnard  Seattle, WA.   (7th)   (4-X)
  2. Syreeta Robinson-Kinnard   Seattle, WA.   (7th)   (2-X)

*WISCONSIN*   (7 Family Members) 
  1. Earnestine Guy-Wallace   Milwaukee, WI.   (6th)   (Large)
  2. Gwendolyn Johnson-Jones   Sharon, WI.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  3. Jacinta Adams-Tatum   Milwaukee, WI.   (7th)   (Small)
  4. Karl Tatum   Milwaukee, WI.   (7th)   (Large)
  5. Katherine Guy-Sartin   Milwaukee, WI.   (6th)   (Medium)
  6. Louie Guzman   Sharon, WI.   (6th)   (2-X)
  7. Samuel Burt Wallace   Milwaukee, WI.   (6th)   (X-Large)

  1. Cleothia Lane   (X-Large)    *1st Time Coming*
  2. Linda Lane,   Pastor   (X-Large)    *1st Time Coming* 
  3. J.L. Moore,   Elder   (X-Large)    *1st Time Coming*

Throughout this web-site names of Guy Family Members are color-coded to distinguish which child of Baldy Guy & George Guy and grandchild of Millie Guy we all fall under:

*Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.*   (116 family members)
*Descendants of William Alfred Guy*  (84 family members)

*Descendants of Ruben Guy*   (25 family member)

*Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard*    (51 family members)

*Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock*   (4 family members)

*Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams*    (4 family members)

*Descendants of Longstreet Guy*    (36 family members)

*Descendants of Fleming Guy*    (1 family member)

*Descendants of Henry Guy*    (2 family members)

*Faith Community AME Church*   (3 church members)

*First Time Coming*   (70 family members)