Hello Guy Family,

The time has come for preparations to get underway for our elegant and extravagant 2019 Guy Family Reunion.  This letter is being placed on the Guy Facebook page and on our Guy Family website ( in order for us to get a head start on planning for our festivities.  Our official letter will be mailed out in early 2018.
At this point in the reunion timeline, the most important things that need your attention are, (1) your response to let us know if you are attending, and (2) to start preparing to paying your dues, or complete payment (3) booking your rooms and (4) deciding which committee you would like to serve on (committee announcements will be posted within the next 30 days) and (5) to make sure that you know who your captains are for your branch of the family ( to be posted within the next two weeks).

We are asking for each household to pay make a $50.00 donation to offset some of the costs that we incur in order to keep the reunion fees at a minimal.  There is a lot of behind the scenes work, meetings, and time your Family Reunion Committee commits to make our reunion happen. We have regularly scheduled meetings, place our names on contracts that we are held responsible for and many times pay out of our pockets to ensure we have a wonderful time when we are together; it is truly a labor of love that we all make but we need everyone to share it.  We have financial obligations that have to be met (the hotel and other vendors have to be paid no matter what our final count)

The theme for our reunion is as follows:
Moving Forward With Unparalleled Determination - The Legacy Lives On …                                                                              

The colors are:  GREEN AND CREME

The dates are:  July 10, 2019 – July 14, 2019

Location of Reunion:
Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center
 7300 Hacks Cross Road
 Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654
 662-895-2941662 (local)
 866-851-0393 (toll free)

Accommodations can now be made to reserve your hotel rooms for the 2019 Guy Family Reunions. Room rates will stay the same as the 2017 reunion at $95.00 a night plus taxes. Please let the hotel know that you reserving your room for the 2019 Guy Family Reunion - July 10-14, 2019.  A debit or credit card will only be needed to reserved and hold your room.

Payment for the room will not be required until you check-in. Your card will not be charged until then. There's a 15% discount on all hotel rooms that are "PAID IN ADVANCE BY  JUNE 1, 2019". With this discount, room rates goes down from $95.00 to $80.75 a night.  (Please be advised that all rooms paid in advance at the 15% discount rate cannot be CANCELED once they are reserved. These rates are also good for Guy Family Members who reserve rooms before and after the reunion starts and end. )


Seniors   (75 & up) $65.00 (includes t-shirt)

Adults     (18-74)    $130.00 (includes t-shirt)

Children (4-17)       $65.00  (includes t-shirt)

 Infants    (0-3)        $10.00  (includes t-shirt)

We thought this would make it affordable for everyone. Don’t wait until the last minute to start paying and saving and preparing for the reunion.

We have a space on our website for online payments to be made (please note that when you make online payments – that there are processing fees.)

Please mail payments to:

Darin K. Leake Sr.
 7533 Hedgington Drive
 Memphis, Tennessee 38125

Please note that this is our first communication and again a hard draft letter or email will be sent to family members at the beginning of 2018.  We are excited about continuing our Guy Family Reunion tradition. Many are aging, some have left us, and there are young ones who we hope to connect with family. Let us come together in love, and continue to celebrate life and our families individually and collectively, while we are still blessed to do so. We are asking all of our family members to share information with other family members that do not use the world wide web. 

At this time please feel free to contact:

Darin Leake @ 901-283-1177 or 901-737-6167
Pamela Guy-Strayhorn @ 901-210-8393 

Let's make the 2019 Guy Family Reunion our best ever !!!

We thank you in advance for


Remember, we are

Building Bridges - Connecting Generations