1) Who was the youngest child of Earnton Guy Sr. & Ida Phillips-Guy?
Anderson Guy Sr.
Rufus Guy
Elizabeth Guy-Dandridge
Nat Guy
2) Which son of William A. Guy & Agnes Scott-Guy was the only one born in the 1800's?
Fred Louis Guy Sr.
Tommy Guy Sr.
Theodore Guy
Willie Ed. Guy

3) Who was the youngest child of Ruben Guy & Magnolia Thomas-Guy?
Leroy Guy Sr.
Eddie Guy Sr.
Katie Mae Guy-Reed
Idella Guy-Kirk
4) Who was the oldest child of Mary Guy-Howard & Albert Howard?
Rosie Lee Howard-Green
Alexander Howard Sr.
Annabelle Howard
Albert Buck Howard Jr.

5) Who was the only child born to George Guy & Alice Grant Winters-Guy
Belle Guy
Pauline Guy
Jimmie Guy
Rosie Guy
6) Who was the youngest child born to George Guy & Katie Washington-Guy?
Alice Guy
Frazier Guy
Estella Guy
Walter Guy

7) In what State was Millie Guy born in?
North Carolina
8) Which two Guy Family Members were veterans of World War I?
Anderson Guy Sr. & Frank Guy Jr.
Baldy Guy & George Guy
Frazier Guy Sr. & Frank Guy Sr.
Elias Guy Sr. & Elbert Lewis Guy Sr.

9) Which Guy Family Member was NOT born into slavery?
Baldy Guy
Millie Guy
George Guy
Mary Guy-Howard