GUY "Family Affair"

Look at Whose Coming to the 2024 Guy Family Reunion, from what State and what Generation.

( ) Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of William Alfred Guy   (3rd)
( ) Descendants of Lovie Givens-Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Ruben Guy   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Fannie Phillips-Matlock   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams (3rd)
( ) Descendants of Stella Guy-Williams (3rd)

( )  Descendants Longstreet Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Henry Guy   (2nd)
( ) Descendants of Fleming Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Dr. Joseph Albert Guy Sr. M.D   (1st)

() Descendants of Joe Guy


As of today we have 11 Guy Family Members from 4 different States who have paid to attend the 2024 Guy Family Reunion.

*ARKANSAS*   (1 Family Member) 
  1. Sylestine Howard-Mack  West Memphis, AR.   (5th)   (Large)

*CALIFORNIA*   (0 Family Members) 

*FLORIDA*   (0 Family Members) 

*GEORGIA*   (0 Family Members) 

*ILLINOIS*   (2 Family Members) 
  1. Frank McGee  Oak Park, IL   (5th)   (Large)
  2. Patricia Howard-McGee  Oak Park, IL   (5th)   (Medium)

*INDIANA*   (0 Family Members) 

*LOUISIANA*   (0 Family Members) 

*MARYLAND*   (0 Family Members)

*MICHIGAN*   (0 Family Members)

*MISSISSIPPI*   (2 Family Members) 
  1. Mark Anthony Guy   Olive Branch MS.   (5th)   (Large)
  2. Vanessa Payne-Guy   Olive Branch, MS.   (5th)   (X-Large)

*OHIO*   (0 Family Members)

*OREGON*   (0 Family Members) 

*SOUTH CAROLINA*   (0 Family Members) 

*TENNESSEE*   (6 Family Members) 
  1. Calvin Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X)
  2. Darin Key Leake Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X) 
  3. Michael Strayhorn   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (3-X)
  4. Michele Collins-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  5. Pamela Guy-Strayhorn   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (X-Large)
  6. Sylvia Cobb-Leake   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)

*TEXAS*   (0 Family Members)  

*VIRGINIA*   (0 Family Members)

*WASHINGTON*   (0 Family Members) 

*WASHINGTON, D.C.*   (0 Family Members) 

*WISCONSIN*   (0 Family Members) 

Throughout this web-site names of Guy Family Members are color-coded to distinguish which child of Baldy Guy, George Guy, Henry Guy and grandchild of Millie Guy we all fall under:

Also we are adding the Descendants of

Dr. Joseph Albert Guy Sr. M.D.

*Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.*   (4 family members)
*Descendants of William Alfred Guy*  (2 family members)
*Descendants of Lovie Guy-Givens* (0 family members)

*Descendants of Ruben Guy*   (0 family members)

*Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard*    (3 family members)

*Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock*   (0 family members)
*Descendants of Fannie Phillips-Matlock* (0 family members)

*Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams*    (0 family members)
*Descentants of Stella Guy- Williams*   (0 family members)

*Descendants of Longstreet Guy*    (2 family members)

*Descendants of Henry Guy*   (0 family members)
*Descendants of Fleming Guy*   (0 family members)

*Un-linked Guy Family Members* (0 family members)

*Descendants of Dr. Joseph Albert Guy Sr. M.D.*   (0 family members)

*Descendants of Joe Guy*   (0 family members)

*First Time Coming*   (0 family members)