Look at Whose Coming to the 2021 Guy Family Reunion, from what State and what Generation.

( ) Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of William Alfred Guy   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Ruben Guy   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock   (3rd)

( ) Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams (3rd)

( )  Descendants Longstreet Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Henry Guy   (2nd)

( ) Descendants of Fleming Guy   (2nd)


We Have 31 Family Members From  6 Different States Who Have Paid To Attend The 2021 Guy Family Reunion.
This Is How It Breaks Down:

*GEORGIA*   (1 Family Member)
  1. Joseph Mario Ivy V  Pine Lake, GA.   (9th)   (Youth-Large)

*ILLINOIS*   (5 Family Members)
  1. Donna Howard-Evans   Chicago, IL.   (5th)   (X-Large)
  2. Frank McGee   Oak Park, IL.   (5th)   (Large)
  3. Fredonia Howard-Falls   Bellwodd, IL.   (5th)   (Large)
  4. Patricia Howard McGee   Oak Park, IL.   (5th)   (Large)
  5. Willis Falls   Bellwood, IL.   (5th)   (Large)

*MINNESOTA*   (1 Family Member)
  1. Darin Key Leake III   Hermantown, MN.   (9th)   (Youth-Large)

*MISSISSIPPI*   (2 Family Members)
  1. Fred Lewis Guy Jr.   Southaven, MS.   (5th)   (2-X)
  2. Gertrude Guy-Bridgeforth   Southaven, MS.   (5th)   (X-Large)

*TENNESSEE*   (13 Family Members)
  1. Annie Guy-Holloway   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (Large)
  2. Asya Nicole Guy   Memphis, TN.   (9th)   (Youth-Large)
  3. Calvin Guy Sr.   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (2-X)
  4. Darin Key Leake Sr.   Memphis, TN,   (7th)   (2-X)
  5. Desmond Jamal Leake   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Large)
  6. Dominique Jabari Leake   Memphis, TN. (8th) (Medium)
  7. Jada Guy   Memphis, TN.   (8th)   (Medium)
  8. Michael Strayhorn   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (3-X)
  9. Michele Collins-Guy   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)
  10. Pamela Strayhorn   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (Large)
  11. Sharon Parks   Memphis, TN.   (6th)   (4-X)
  12. Shirley Thornton-Parks   Memphis, TN.   (5th)   (2-X)
  13. Sylvia Cobb-Leake   Memphis, TN.   (7th)   (X-Large)

*TEXAS*   (9 Family Members)
  1. Andres Kadeem Chilton   Grand Praire, TX.   (7th)   (2-X)
  2. Brenda Amir Chilton   Grand Praire, TX.   (6th)   (2-X)
  3. Charon Guy   San Antonio, TX.   ()   (Large)   *1st time coming*
  4. Deonte' Keyshun Guy   Lewisville, TX.   (9th)   (Youth-X-Large)
  5. Karmyn Aniyah Leake   Frisco, TX.   (9th)   (Youth-Large)
  6. Kassidy Ann Gibson   Frisco, TX.   (9th)   (Youth-Small)
  7. Leonard Earl Chilton Jr.   Grand Praire, TX.   (6th)   (2-X)
  8. Mariah L'Rae Chilton   Grand Praire, TX.   (7th)   (Large)
  9. Norma Jean Guy-Chilton   Fort Worth, TX.   (5th)   (Large)

Throughout this web-site names of Guy Family Members are color-coded to distinguish which child of Baldy Guy & George Guy and grandchild of Millie Guy we all fall under:

*Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.*   (21 family members)
*Descendants of William Alfred Guy*  (4 family member)

*Descendants of Ruben Guy*   (0 family member)

*Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard*    (5 family members)

*Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock*   (0 family member)

*Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams*    (0 family member)

*Descendants of Longstreet Guy*    (0 family member)

*Descendants of Fleming Guy*    (0 family member)

*Descendants of Henry Guy*    (0 family member)

*Un-Linked Guy Family Members*   (1 family member)

*First Time Coming*   (1 family member)