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New rule cracks down on emotional support animals on planes
Airlines don't have to treat emotional support animals as service animals, a new rule says.

They had only heard about Covid. Then they returned to society to see its full impact
They may be some of the last people in the world to be touched by the pandemic.

This UK bar is posing as a church to get around pandemic rules
The Romans had Bacchus, the Greeks had Dionysus and the Aztecs, well they had Centzon Tōtōchtin: a hard-drinking gang of 400 rabbit gods.

Hotel grants couple 18 years of free stays for making a baby on Valentine's Day
Let's travel back in time to February 14 -- Valentine's Day.

Last ever Airbus A380 superjumbo assembled in France
A magnificent beast made of four million parts from 30 different countries, the Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airliner, and its era is almost at an end.

Inside Super Nintendo World Japan
Universal Studios Japan gave a sneak peek into the newest addition to its theme park, set to open in February 2021

'World's deepest' swimming pool opens in Poland
Scuba divers can plunge to brand new depths without setting foot in the ocean thanks to a multi-million dollar facility that's just opened in Poland.

These remote lagoons in the Philippines will change the way you feel about jellyfish
Of all the marine creatures in the world, jellyfish are among the oldest, toughest and most ubiquitous species. But, they are unlikely to win any popularity contests.

Now there's another problem for aviation: wasps
A tiny insect that evaded Australia's strict biosecurity controls is multiplying and threatening plane safety at Brisbane Airport.

Dubai's audacious Heart of Europe megaproject nears first stage completion
What strikes home as the shuttle boat approaches the $5 billion megaresort being constructed off the coast of Dubai is its sheer audacity.

Smaller long-haul planes are the future of flying -- but also its past
For nearly half of the entire history of commercial aviation, long-haul flights have conjured up images of large, wide-bodied aircraft, with two aisles, up to 10 seats in every row, spacious overhead bins and, more recently, shiny on-demand tablet-style entertainment systems.

Germany urges EU nations to shut ski slopes over Christmas to keep coronavirus in check
As the crucial Christmas holiday season approaches, European relations could turn frosty over the issue of skiing.

A short history of American food (whatever that is)
Your Thanksgiving table may be smaller this year, but if it's still full of squashes, corn pudding, turkey and cranberry sauce, thank Native Americans -- those foods are indigenous. But that apple pie is international -- apples are from Kazakhstan and the pie part is from England.

The $550 million megayacht concept that looks like a shark
Just weeks after unveiling an upcoming yacht concept that resembles a swan, Lazzarini Design Studio are pushing the boundaries even further with a brand new design that's shaped like a shark.

See couple discover Prohibition-era liquor stashed inside walls
A New York couple said they found more than 66 bottles of whiskey from the Prohibition-era hidden within the walls and floorboards of their home, which was built in 1915.

World's most expensive cities to live in during Covid
It's the ultimate dream for many -- move to a big city and make a glam new life.

EVA Air launches speed dating 'flight to nowhere'
It might be less spiritual than the Buddhist mantra-chanting flight in Thailand, but EVA Air's latest "flight to nowhere" idea could be just as magical -- by helping people find love in the sky.

What the 737 MAX's return to the sky will mean for passengers
Would you fly on the Boeing 737 MAX? That question is going to become all too real for passengers in the near future when the aircraft that's been grounded for some 600 days returns to service.

A Hollywood dialect coach explains why accents go wrong
How does an Irishman screw up an Irish accent, like in the movie "Wild Mountain Thyme"? Dialect coach Jack Wallace says it's easier than you might think.

Due to Covid-19, Mardi Gras parades are canceled in New Orleans next year
Mardi Gras parades will not be permitted next year at New Orleans' annual festival, but city officials are saying the holiday is definitely not canceled.

How a secretive hippie hideaway in Thailand transformed into a world-renowned beach retreat
Michael Doyle started making regular trips to Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand in the mid-1980s, enjoying laid-back life in rustic beach bungalows around the island between stints as a psychiatric nurse in Australia.

Australian airline Qantas celebrates its 100th anniversary
Australian airline Qantas is celebrating its 100th anniversary on November 16, a rare piece of upbeat news for an aviation industry hobbled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Riding the world's tallest outdoor elevator
The 326-meter-tall glass Bailong Elevator is found in one of China's national parks that many believe inspired the scenery of the hit-movie "Avatar."

How a Covid-19 vaccine could change travel for good
It was the good news that gave the world hope.

Alaska Airlines flight hits bear on runway during landing
In an unusual collision, an airplane hit and killed a brown bear while landing at the Yakutat Airport in Alaska on Saturday.

I quarantined in Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Here's what I learned
Of the past 148 days, I've spent nearly one-third of them in quarantine. I started in Beijing and have journeyed to Hong Kong and now Tokyo.

Scale model of futuristic plane makes successful maiden flight
Researchers in the Netherlands ​say they have conducted a successful maiden flight of a scale model of the Flying-V, a plane that could one day carry passengers in its wings.

Norway pioneered electric ferries. Now it's making them self-driving
With medieval origins and a quaint, colorful port, the low-rise Norwegian city of Trondheim doesn't look very futuristic. But the former Viking capital is making waves with a pioneering transport initiative: a zero-emissions, self-driving electric ferry.

The future Rockefeller Christmas tree was cut down, and it's on its way to Manhattan
The Christmas tree that will light up Rockefeller Center this holiday met its end -- in the spirit of the season, of course.

The Arecibo Observatory telescope in Puerto Rico collapsed just weeks after engineers decided it was too dangerous to repair. - RSS Channel - App Tech Section

Trump administration sues Facebook over alleged favoritism for immigrant workers
The Trump administration sued Facebook on Thursday for allegedly passing over US job candidates for thousands of positions in favor of immigrant workers holding temporary visas.

Google unlawfully fired worker organizers, federal agency alleges
Google violated labor laws when it fired two vocal employees in 2019, according to a complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board on Wednesday.

In Georgia, some Trump supporters turn to Parler, a platform for a parallel universe
After years of standing idly by, companies like Facebook and Twitter are, to varying degrees, calling bullshit on some of President Donald Trump's lies — most prominently, his false claim that he didn't lose the election.

Self-driving robotaxis are taking off in China
The world has been inching toward fully autonomous cars for years. In China, one company just got even closer to making it a reality.

Hong Kong just lost a splashy tech conference to Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong has lost a marquee tech conference to Kuala Lumpur, raising new questions about the Chinese territory's ability to retain its status as Asia's premier global business hub in the wake of recent political upheaval.

This company is using drones to replant forests devastated by wildfires
The United States has had its most devastating wildfire season on record, with more than 8 million acres of land burned across the country this year.

The best apps of 2020 prove just what a long, strange year it's been
Apple and Google released their lists of the best apps of 2020 this week, and they are stark reminders of the crucial role tech has played in helping us adapt to living, working, celebrating, exercising and doing pretty much everything else from home this year.

The company that literally started Silicon Valley is moving to Texas
Hewlett-Packard traces its origins to 1938, when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard rented a garage in Palo Alto, California. Now, HP Enterprises, a descendant of the pioneering company, is moving to Texas.

Apple faces lawsuits in Europe over slowing down older iPhones
Apple is facing new legal action in Europe over its controversial practice of slowing down older iPhones.

Wendy's is placing a much bigger bet on India
US fast food chain Wendy's is ramping up its presence in India, saying it plans to have 400 cloud kitchens and traditional restaurants across the country in the next decade.

Salesforce to buy Slack in $27.7 billion deal
Salesforce is buying workplace messaging app Slack for $27.7 billion, marking the largest acquisition in the San Francisco-based cloud-based company's history.

Social media must prepare for flood of Covid-19 vaccine misinformation
Nearly two years ago, public health experts blamed social media platforms for contributing to a measles outbreak by allowing false claims about the risks of vaccines to spread.

Everyone you know uses Zoom. That wasn't the plan
When Eric Yuan founded Zoom, he set out to create a 'frictionless' video conferencing app to be used by businesses. But then a global pandemic turned Zoom into a household name.

Here's how Earth looked to astronauts aboard the SpaceX capsule
The view from space is just out of this world.

Amazon spends another $500 million on bonuses. Some of its workers are still going on strike
Amazon is spending another $500 million on bonuses for employees as it comes under pressure from a global campaign targeting its business practices and a strike in one of its biggest European markets.

TikTok owner gets another week to sell its US business
TikTok's deadline to finalize a US buyer has been extended for the second time in less than a month.

Slack stock spikes on reports of Salesforce deal
Slack shares shot up as much as 28% Wednesday, despite being halted twice for volatility, following a report that Salesforce has been in talks to acquire the workplace messaging app. Salesforce shares were down more than 4% on the news.

France orders Big Tech to pay digital tax despite threat of US tariffs
France will require big tech companies to pay its digital services tax, a move that is likely to trigger retaliation by President Donald Trump and pitch the incoming US administration into another trade fight.

The gadgets and tech that got us through 2020
Smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles remain at the top of holiday wish lists, but this year we at CNN Business are reflecting on the tech, services and apps that truly made a big impact on our everyday lives.