2017 Theme: Moving Forward With Unparalleled Determination - The Legacy Lives On ...
July 5, 2017
1 Month and 6 days left
until our celebration.

The 2017 Guy Family Reunion
is Dedicated to all the Deceased Guy Family Members
who Served in the Military from the
Civil War to the Wars in 
Iraq and Afghanistan
Remembering Those That Gave All


Here's a Civil War photo of my 3rd great-grandfather BALDY GUY (1841-1911) & his brother, GEORGE GUY (1845-1928) my 3rd great-grand-uncle.

The photo was taken by a cousin who was visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. where a video on the Civil War was playing.


Children & Grandchildren of Baldy Guy & Margaret Norton-Guy


Just a reminder to let everyone know that the
deadline to pay your family reunion fees is MAY 31, 2017.

As of today
MAY 28, 2017 we have ONLY 
3 DAYS left to get those payments in.

The  fees 
to pay for the family reunion are listed below:

$130.00 for Adults (18-74 years old)
$65.00 a month for Seniors (75 & older) 
$65.00 for Children (4-17 years old)
$10.00 for Infants (ages 0-3) for their t-shirt

All fees have to paid to Whispering Woods Hotel a month before the July 5th-9th, 2017 and all deposits we have with the different vendors have to be paid in June also.

2017 Guy Family Reunion payments can be made by mail, in person, or by debit card or credit card by going to the Guy Family web-site and paying on-line.

Go to www.guyfamilyreunion.com, click on "Reunion Payments" and pay your family reunion fees or order extra t-shirts.

Please contact me, Darin Leake Sr.​ @ 901-283-1177 or Pamela Strayhorn​ @ 901-210-8393 if you have any questions.
The 2017 Guy Family Reunion
 will be in Honor of our two Civil War Veterans:
Baldy Guy (1841-1911)
George Guy (1845-1928)
Who were both Born into Slavery in
Tuscumbia, Alabama.
Millie Guy (1810-1878)
Millie Guy (1810-1878)
The 2015 Guy Family Reunion was in Honor of the Matriach of the Guy Family:
Millie Guy (1810-1868)
Who was Born into Slavery in
Raleigh, North Carolina.

Baldy Guy (1841-1911)
Baldy Guy (1841-1911)

Both Baldy & George served in the
55th Regiment - United States Colored Troops
Volunteer Infantry

George Guy (1845-1928)
George Guy (1845-1928)

BALDY GUY  (1841-1911) & GEORGE GUY (1845-1928)

We are now on facebook at

 Bearing The Load

As a bear ventures through unknown territory, he is marking the way for many others to follow.  Because he took steps in a different direction, a new path was created for future bears who will use that same trail for generations, placing their feet in the exact same spot every time they walk the course. Their adventurous vision has created a remarkable path that will be traveled for years to come.

Thanks to our Guy Family Ancestors for being Trailblazers !!!


Michael Strayhorn & Pamela Guy-Strayhorn (Co-chairperson)
Michael Strayhorn & Pamela Guy-Strayhorn (Co-chairperson)

A Daily Inspiration titled:
  Resetting - Renewing - Restoring - Rejoicing  by:
Pamela Guy-Strayhorn (great-granddaughter of William Alfred Guy) 
was moved and is available for viewing on the Daily Inspirations page of the web-site..
There's a different poem everyday.

Throughout this web-site names of Guy Family Members are color-coded to distinguish which child of Baldy Guy & George Guy and grandchild of Millie Guy we all fall under:

*Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr.*

*Descendants of John Guy*

*Descendants of William Alfred Guy*

*Descendants of Alexander Guy*

*Descendants of Ruben Guy*

*Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard*

*Descendants of Annette (Nettie) Guy-Matlock*

*Descendants of Curtis Guy*

*Descendants of Margaret (Maggie) Guy-Saulsberry*

*Descendants of Katie Lou Guy-Abrams*

*Descendants of Annie Bell Guy-Williams*

*Descendants of Street Guy*


Baldy Guy (1842-1911) & George Guy (1845-1928)

"The least people can do is to have a history of themselves for those who come after" - Noah Webster
Darin (Pookie) Leake (Web-Master)& (Co-chairperson)
Darin (Pookie) Leake (Web-Master)& (Co-chairperson)

Please send pictures or other information to be included on the web-site to Darin (Pookie) Leake (great-great-grandson of Earnton Guy Sr.) at dkeyl@aol.com

You may contact Darin by (901) 737-6167 (home) or (901) 283-1177 (cell)

This website will serve as our means of communication as we plan our next family reunion during the summer of 2015. Please vote on the poll page on various things related to this reunion. You can also take the Guy Family quiz and see how well you know the history of our family. Please send us pictures through the "Then and Now" page as well comments about what you are up to.

Whose descendants are hosting the 2017 Guy Family Reunion?

Descendants of Ruben Guy
Descendants of Mary Guy-Howard
Descendants of Street Guy
Descendants of Earnton Guy Sr. & William Alfred Guy
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